Skills Training

Skills Training

A big economic opportunity for India, lies in creating a competent and trained manpower. Of particular concern has been the skilling of the rural youth, who constitute nearly 68% of the country’s total population.

Soft skills (or social/emotional learning, emotional intelligence, etc.) are quickly becoming the new yardstick for measuring success, and with good reason. Research shows that these soft skills account for as much as 85% of an individual’s success, whereas traditional “hard skills” (academics, corporate job training, IQ, etc.) only account for 15%.

Skill Gaps Are Pervasive

Finding the right talent is becoming increasingly difficult. When it comes to technical capabilities, skill gaps are pervasive. Couple that with low unemployment and many companies simply can’t find the skill sets they require in the available workforce.

Structured Training and Development

A structured training and development program ensures that people have a consistent experience and knowledge. The consistency is particularly relevant and key to be successful in today's fast-changing world.